Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry: Our Options at Downtown Dental

Restorative materials have a unique place in dentistry, offering the most advanced solutions to common, but health-damaging problems. With restorative dentistry, it’s easy to  focus on the aesthetic part of the material  and  neglect to consider the functionality that the dental restoration is meant to restore. While we focus on aesthetics with our restorations, there’s much more we consider. Whenever we perform restorative procedures, we assess what is going to be in your best interests long-term. There are specific quality control parameters we check, and we keep track of your progress when adjusting to your new restorations.

Dental restorations can help treat a wide range of dental issues and keep your teeth aligned and healthy. Restorations can fix broken and chipped teeth. They can help prevent gum disease and further tooth decay and aesthetically can improve your appearance. Fixed restorations are just one kind of restoration we offer; it refers to a collection of teeth molded and designed to either cover or replace your existing teeth. With fixed restorations, these can be applied to many common restoration treatments, including:

Dental Crowns – Full crown restorations help restore teeth that have been severely damaged and would not benefit from a very large filling. The majority of Crowns are made with porcelain material which are known to be long-lasting and durable. Decay, cracking, and chipping tend to be the most occurring reasons for patients in need of crowns. Our practice designs and creates custom crowns, as well as fixed crown bridges, to replace multiple teeth.

Dental Implants –Titanium implants help to preserve the integrity of the jawbone, provide support to nearby teeth, and are typically the best option for single-missing teeth. Implants can also be utilized for multiple missing teeth.  An implant-supported bridge is an option that replaces multiple missing teeth and has the added benefit of preserving the jawbone and surrounding teeth. These types of implants are a permanent solution that allows patients to function normally.

Implant Crowns – This form of restoration combines both qualities of implants and crowns, where after the implants are installed, implant crowns can be screwed into the implants and cemented onto them to restore the natural look of a patient’s teeth.

Fixed Dentures – Fixed dentures use implant technology to achieve the same goals as dentures with increased stability; they can provide patients with natural looking prosthetic teeth that sit over the gums. Fixed dentures use implants that are inserted into the jaw bone of the dental arch, allowing the bone to grow around the implant. This permanent anchor allows for the dentures to be permanently attached, giving patients the freedom to eat, drink, and speak without the fear of the dentures coming loose.

Dental Bridges – Bridges refer to the fixed format of restorations, combining multiple restorations together to form a bridge that replaces multiple teeth. This method can be applied to any other form of restoration to achieve a fully restored mouth.

At Downtown Dental, our prosthetic devices and restorations offer numerous opportunities for you to replace your teeth for a new smile. Not only do fixed restorations have an appealing look, but they also provide health benefits such as a reduced risk of gum disease and a less likely chance of further tooth decay. If interested, contact our practice today to schedule your first appointment or free second opinion consultation.

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