We understand how personal it is to not have your natural teeth. For some people partial or complete loss of teeth becomes necessary. Dentures offer a solution for those who have lost their teeth due to many different factors.  Not all dentures are the same. There are many different options that may help restore proper aesthetics, chewing function, and optimal speech.

What Happens When You Lose Teeth?

Losing teeth can come after the onset of previous conditions, such as severe toothaches, gum disease, broken teeth, and difficulties eating. When a tooth is missing, this can put pressure on the remaining teeth to function. As teeth adjust and shift, the teeth will attempt to compensate for the missing area leading to more tooth wear and misalignment. For the jawbone, the bone and muscle structure may begin to deteriorate over time and cause facial collapse. Slow changes in the teeth, face, jawbone, and TMJ result in the inability to eat and speak properly.

Dentures are just one out of many restorative treatments that helps prevent and fix this problem. Dentures work to support the jawbone providing essential teeth to eat and speak and help people regain their smiles back. Dentures, typically made out of acrylic, nylon, or metal fit snug over the gums and help protect the remaining teeth from shifting out of place. However, thanks to modern technology, dentists can provide patients multiple options for dentures. Some options we provide include:

Implant-Supported Dentures

Normally, dentures are made to fit over the gums, making them removable and easy to clean. However, for those who wish for a permanent solution and have jaw problems, implant-supported dentures can help restore the jaw’s integrity and can be installed in the mouth using a variety of screw options. Implants help keep the dentures stationary in the mouth, preventing the onset of the jaw deforming overtime. Implant-supported dentures can also be removable with anchor or ball implant attachments.

Partial Dentures

For those who haven’t lost all of their teeth, partial dentures can be made. Partial dentures work by using a solid substructure around existing teeth to replace missing areas. These dentures can be taken in and out and help keep the surrounding teeth from shifting.

Full Dentures

For patients missing both the upper and lower teeth, full dentures can help. Full dentures work through a plate that sits against the gums. With full dentures, adhesives can be used to keep the teeth in place.

Temporary and Flexible Dentures

Temporary partial dentures or a “flipper” is a solution for tooth replacement that is needed quickly or while waiting for a more permanent solution such as an implant. Flexible dentures are similar to traditional dentures but are made with more lightweight materials and may serve as a good short term solution for tooth replacement.

We would love to discuss your situation with missing teeth and discover what may best serve you for replacement teeth. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. At Downtown Dental, we offer custom solutions to help you restore your smile. Schedule an appointment with us today so we can help you on your journey.


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