Laser Dentistry | Soft Tissue Laser Treatment

We use a diode laser for several restorative and cosmetic purposes at Downtown Dental. Some advantages for the patient include no bleeding, no pain, and quicker healing. Today, lasers are approved for safety by the Food and Drug Administration, and they have become much more prevalent and standard in dental offices across the country. Lasers work by delivering energy in the form of light. This energy can be used to achieve accuracy and precision when shaping the gums, removing sores or excess gum tissue , and killing bacteria around the gums or during a root canal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Could I benefit from laser dentistry?

Possibly. Laser dentistry is generally not used in examinations and cleanings. A dental laser is often used by Dr. Jimmy Lutz to provide a better overall experience and recovery during routine dental procedures. Sometimes, the laser will be used to aid in a restorative procedure and other times for elective dental treatment. One example of an elective procedure where the dental laser is used is a cosmetic gingivectomy.

Can a laser help improve my smile?

Cosmetic Gingivectomy

Some front teeth have excess gum tissue covering the tooth that can give the appearance of shortened teeth or an asymmetrical smile. Sometimes this is referred to as a “gummy smile”. A laser can be used to modify and reshape the gum tissue to improve the proportions of the teeth, improving the appearance of your smile. Local anesthetic is first given to ensure a comfortable procedure with no pain. Once the laser reshaping is complete, you can expect no stitches, no bleeding and a faster healing time.

Bump inside the lip or cheeks: Traumatic Fibroma

Cheek and lip biting happen all the time. It commonly  happens during sleep or randomly when we’re eating. This can often lead to a bump that won’t go away on its own referred to as “traumatic fibroma”. The result is an annoying bump on the cheek, tongue or lip that may interfere with eating, speaking, and even smiling. A simple laser procedure can comfortably have it removed in less than 15 minutes with no bleeding and very quick healing time.

Do I need to follow any special care instructions after having laser dentistry?

Your recovery time is typically shorter than that of other dental procedures. Immediately following your treatment clear post-operative instructions will be provided for you. Depending on what procedure is performed you can expect slight soreness and expect to be instructed to avoid the area with certain foods and drinks for the first 24 hours. You can also expect to return to your normal day to day activities the same day of treatment. 

Can you do a filling with a laser?

Today in dentistry, small fillings and other procedures can be performed with a more complex hard tissue laser. You may have seen it advertised along with the words “no shots” or “pain-free dentistry”. Though this type of laser has very valid use we don’t offer laser performed fillings in our office.  If you have further questions about laser dentistry, we encourage you to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this treatment with Dr. Jimmy Lutz.

To find out if laser dentistry is right for you, schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Jimmy Lutz  and discuss your options for treatment.

laser dentistry

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