Clear Aligners- Invisalign

Clear Aligners – Invisalign

Clear aligners are a form of braces which straighten out teeth with a series of clear, removable retainer-like aligners. Because of its nearly transparent appearance, it provides patients with lower maintenance and ease of transition for achieving straighter teeth. As a general dentistry practice, we offer clear aligner treatments for both teenagers and adults. Because many dentists and orthodontists now offer Invisalign and other clear aligner brands, we’re here to help guide you through how achieving straighter teeth can improve your health.  

The Benefits of Straightening Teeth

Misaligned teeth can be caused by a variety of reasons, from genetics to bad oral habits. As common as misaligned teeth are in society, many people tend not to choose to straighten their teeth due to costs, time it takes to straighten, and how uncomfortable it can be to wear braces. However, for those who have misaligned teeth, such as overbites, crossbites, and teeth gaps, straightening your teeth can have numerous benefits for your health, including:

Easier to Clean – Misaligned teeth can typically cause problems with brushing and flossing. If a person is unable to get to the spaces in between the teeth, or have too wide of gaps to clean them properly, then the gums can become red and inflamed, showing signs of periodontal disease. With straighter teeth, they’re easier to maintain and take less work to clean overall.

Fewer Chips and Cracks – Teeth that protrude outward tend to chip and break more often, especially if exposed during an accident. Having misaligned teeth not only makes it harder to clean but, as a result, can make the teeth weaker, causing them to chip and break. Straighter teeth can better protect you from chips and cracks, and lessen the likelihood of biting cheeks and tongue.

Less Wear – Those with bite problems can put an excessive amount of stress on their teeth, leading to notches at the gum line, fractures in the tooth enamel, and abnormal flattening of the biting surface. This can lead to expensive dental work in the future. Straightened teeth distribute the forces more evenly and can improve biting and chewing function.

Why Choose Invisalign Braces

Clear aligners have been one of modern dentistry’s most popular achievements to date because of its easy maintenance and effective results. As an ideal treatment for mild to moderate teeth crowding, Invisalign can be easily removed at any point, making it safer to brush and floss teeth without having to work around metal brackets. Invisalign also helps people avoid getting tooth decay and gum disease, which often occurs more when wearing traditional braces.

Why We Offer Invisalign

Invisalign and other clear aligner brands may be offered by both general dentists and orthodontists. There are many factors when creating healthy tooth alignment. Some teeth aren’t as easy to move as others. It’s important to have a detailed conversation with your dentist or orthodontist to determine if you are a good candidate. If you wish to learn more about our Invisalign treatment, contact our office today to schedule an appointment!

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